Can Dogs Eat Basmati Rice? And How Much It Is Safe?

Can Dogs Eat Basmati Rice

More than 70% of the people all across the globe own dogs. There are many reasons to own this pet animal. First of all, dogs are known for their honesty. Dogs are famed to be a blank page that has no prerequisite. Due to this, they own a genuine heart. Some characteristics exist that define a dog.

Aggression, boldness, playfulness, and hyper-social behaviors can be associated with a dog. Dogs can eat different types of food, even the ones eaten by humans. One most common foods that is eaten by people is Basmati rice. Along with this fact, a question arises. Can dogs eat Basmati rice? Let us now explore this blog.

Can Dogs Eat Basmati Rice?

Of course, dogs can eat Basmati rice. It is healthy for them when given in moderation. Rice is referred to as an aromatic grain that is rich in several nutrients. It contains sodium, potassium, vitamin C, cholesterol, carbs, vitamin D, iron, and dietary fiber. These nutrients are helpful for the digestive system of dogs.

It is crucial to determine the type of rice your dog is eating. Why? Because different variants of rice have different compositions of the nutrients. Basmati rice has all the aforementioned nutrients. However, its Glycemic Index is higher than that of other variants of rice.

The Glycemic Index (GI) is an index that determines how much time a certain food takes to raise sugar in the blood. Basmati rice can raise blood sugar in dogs. However, if you give this food in moderation, it can be healthy for them. If your dog is physically active, it can maintain the levels of sugar.

Sugars can work differently in dogs. For example, if a dog eats food having a high GI, its stomach may get upset. The bacteria in the gut may fail to maintain the enzymes necessary for the digestion of food. Other health complications that could occur in dogs are nausea, gas, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Added sugars are not necessary for dogs. The polish of Basmati rice can increase levels of sugars. Hence, make sure you give Basmati rice to your dog that is not polished. You can easily get a bowl of non-polished rice from a local shop. Some variants of Basmati are commonly used.

There exist brown and white variants of Basmati rice that are readily available in the market. The brown variant is considered safer than the white variant because it has a low GI. Apart from this, it has less fiber. Although this seems to be a disadvantage, such a bowl of rice can be consumed to ensure that less sugar reaches your dog.

One can add veggies to brown rice to make it even more healthy. Many people think that it is difficult to cook brown rice. That is a myth. This rice variant can be cooked quite easily. When vegetables are added to brown rice, it becomes a superfood for your dog. Veggies can give fibers that brown rice misses.

If you have added a lot of spices to Basmati rice, your dog will have problems digesting it. Too much salt as well as red pepper must also not be added to it. This also leads to health complications in your furry friend. In severe cases, you must visit a veterinary doctor.

Steps For Preparing Brown Basmati Rice Meal For Your Pet

Those who do not know how to prepare brown Basmati rice can check out this quick guide. This tutorial can help you make the meal at your home.

  1. Take Enough Proportion of Rice

Do you know that the more your pet weighs, the more rice it will need? So, examine the weight of your dog and take the proportion of rice that is recommended for that particular weight. Generally, for a dog weighing 1 lb to 10 lbs, half a cup of rice is recommended.

You can look for the table that shows and matches the portion of rice with weight. Because the brown variant of Basmati rice is good for health, it must be chosen for preparation.

  1. Boil The Water And Add Rice To It

The next step is to add rice to water. The pot or utensil in which you will boil the rice must be sufficient to let brown rice boil. It is a known fact that the brownish variant of rice takes more time to prepare. You can also use a fine mesh strainer to rinse the rice with running water.

  1. Simmer For Some Minutes

Let the brown rice boil for some minutes. Generally, the rice will take 15 minutes to simmer. However, this duration may change depending on the type of rice and stove you are using. It can even take 20 minutes to simmer. After preparing the rice, give it to your pet.

Precautions To Be Taken

You can also add vegetables if you want. Yet, these must be added to the rice itself. Vegetables boils well with rice and are tasty for your dog. Some precautions must be taken while giving boiled rice to the pet. In the case of an upset stomach, nothing should be given for 12 hours. Let its stomach settle and reach a healthy state.

If you have prepared a lot of rice, you can store it in a refrigerator. When giving rice the next time, you must again heat it. The choice of whether to add vegetables or not depends on you. You can consult about the diet plan with a veterinary doctor. He or she may advise what to do and what not to do.


In this blog, we have explored how dogs can eat rice. However, the rice being eaten significantly determines the health condition of your furry pal. It has been observed that brown rice is better than any form of rice. The reasons for it to be healthy are mentioned above. Eventually, do not overcook and serve rice in moderate amounts.

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