Cholestoff vs red yeast rice – See the difference

CholestOff vs Red Yeast Rice

In this article, we will share the knowledge about Cholestoff vs red yeast rice. Morning salute! To everybody who is health conscious. Respect for all of those who invest their precious time in being fit. Due to our busy schedules, we all have been engaged in positions of employment and there is hardly any time left, which we can give to the body for overall well-being.

Fitness experts have figured out various ways through which one can lead a healthy lifestyle and diet is one of the most important constituents of a fitness regime. Majorly, the results are achieved due to a healthy diet that works 70% on the body, and the rest 30% is exercise and supplementation.

Generally, the majority of healthcare experts suggest supplements, when one cannot fulfill the appropriate nutrients with diet. Supplements are considered an add-on to the diet that helps an individual to cater to his/her body’s requirements. Also, see the difference between basmati rice vs Jasmine rice.

Supplements are available in the form of powder, capsule, or liquid. Presently, we are going to illustrate two such supplements that are suggested to a person who is suffering from heart disease and cholesterol.

What is CholestOff?

CholestOff is a nutritional supplement that is beneficial in maintaining cholesterol levels. It consists of natural substances that are obtained from plants, namely plant sterols and stanols.
These naturally synthesized elements share a similar structure to cholesterol and therefore, lead to clogging up cholesterol and preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the gut.
Through this process, one can lower down LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol levels. It can be consumed in oral capsule form.

Side Effects of Cholestoff

The side effects of Cholestoff vs red yeast rice are plant stanol and sterol which are considered safe for consumption when taken according to healthcare expert’s advice.

Like any other supplement, CholestOff may show some side effects that are as follows:

  1. Digestive Issues

Consumption of supplements like CholestOff may weaken your digestive system and lead to gastrointestinal issues like bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea.

  1. Blocks Absorption of Essential Nutrients

As we already know about the cholesterol-blocking property of the supplement, it becomes easy to infer that it might also block some essential vitamins and nutrients that are useful for our digestive system.

  1. Allergic Issues

Some people might show an allergic response to the supplement. These compounds make up plant sterol and stanol-based adjuncts. For which an allergic response is possible. An individual consuming the supplement can have itching, rashes, or breathing problems.

  1. Reaction to Other Medications
    Certain medications that are helpful in reducing cholesterol like statins may react with the supplement, causing side effects on an individual and reducing the benefits provided by the supplement.

What is Red Yeast Rice?

Particular species of the fungus Monascus purpureus produce red yeast rice through the fermentation of rice historically. The Chinese audience has used this rice first for both medicinal and food purposes.

The cost of other cholesterol-reducing supplements is higher than that of the medicine.

Some researchers state that red yeast rice also plays a crucial role in reducing cancer cell development, and maintains insulin and blood sugar levels.

The supplement is also available without the prescription of the doctor in order to get relief from cholesterol. One can consume the drug in the form of capsules orally.

Side Effects of Red Yeast Rice

The side effects of Cholestoff vs red yeast rice could be similar to each other. The additive is usually a safer option for many people. However, it may cause side effects in some individuals which are as follows:

  1. Soreness in Muscles

Red yeast rice can lower an individual’s cholesterol level by containing monacolin and monacolin K. These elements are similar to lovastatin.
An individual may experience muscle cramps, weakness, or muscle pain after consuming statins, similar to the side effects experienced when treating cholesterol.

  1. Liver Damage

Although the damage caused by red yeast rice is very rare, it can be alarming if using the supplement causes symptoms like yellowness in the eyes, jaundice, urine dark in color, or pain in the abdomen. If one observes such symptoms, one should seek advice from a medical expert.

As the functioning of the liver is essential for an individual, all the digestive processes depend on the liver too.

  1. Issues Related to Digestion

This is a common issue that most people face while consuming supplements that are like gas in the stomach, bloating, or even lead to diarrhea.

  1. Allergic Response

People who are consuming the supplement for the first time might show some allergic response against the consumption of the additive or its other components that might be in the form of rashes, itchiness, or various breathing problems.

Differentiate Between the Potency of the Supplements

To compare the potency of both supplements, it’s equally important to give a thought to the responses and preferences of an individual.

Both supplements possess an effectiveness in reducing LDL cholesterol levels, but the effects are not the same for everybody.

I believe Red Yeast Rice is more effective than CholestOff due to the presence of lovastatin, which reduces cholesterol levels.

Others may find CholestOff to be a better option due to the presence of plant sterols and stanols that are responsible for blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

Eventually, the choice between the two supplements is based on the health objective, requirements, tolerance, and medical past of an individual.


An individual can fulfill dietary requirements not met through their diet by adding supplements.

Healthcare experts suggest performing exercises and eating a proper diet along with supplementation to attain health goals.

A healthcare expert should advise only taking such kind of supplementation.

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